Friday Finds #5


I’m dropping in for a quick Friday Finds post.  I know I’ve been scarce on the blog lately  but my darling daughter, Catie, has done an awesome job filling in for me.  Soon, I’ll divulge what I’ve been doing.  Click on the pics below for more details of each find.

In case you missed the beginning of Catie’s Cooking Challenge, we had grilled vegetable sandwiches with homemade pesto mayo.  Delicious!

sandwich 1With the holidays coming and cards to be addressed, Jones Design Company comes to the rescue with “How to Create Fake Calligraphy.” Looks do-able!

If calligraphy is too much for you, is wonderful.  You can compare what you want to say in all of your fonts at one time in order to choose the right one.   — Genius!  Thanks, Just a Girl for sharing!

I could look at these winning photos from the National Geographic Photo Contest all day.

Winning photo by Marko Korosec


Last, but certainly not least, 10 Old School Southern Rules to make those of you from the South smile in remembrance and the rest of you think we’re crazy!,


“I’ve known all along from the evidence of your words that you meant them to last forever.”  Psalm 119:152  The Message

Friday Finds #4


I have some fun finds for you today.  Just click on the picture to visit the sites.  Happy Friday!

This peach walnut dump cake looks yummy and easy from Mostly Homemade Mom. The other recipes look really good too!

These pumpkin designs are cool from Alisa Burke.

Halloween and Fall graphics from The Graphic Fairy and don’t you love that they’re free?!

50 Fantastic Halloween and Fall Graphics  //  The Graphics FairyAwesome and inexpensive Halloween crafts from Better Homes and Gardens — I think this wreath looks really easy to make.

Sophisticated Swarm Wreath

I think this idea from My Soulful Home is really clever.

Pumpkins from Scrubbing pads a repurpose http://mysoulfulhome.comBlessings,


“Then I was the craftsman at his side.  I was filled with delight day after day, rejoicing always in his presence,”  Proverbs 8:30  NIV Bible

Friday Finds #3


Friday finds are here again!

  • Best explanation of what it’s like to live with a chronic illness or disability, “The Spoon Theory”, click here.
  • Literary Tourism: Oxford, England from BookRiot, click the picture for more.

Radcliffe Camera Oxford England

  • I’m always amazed by the creativity of Mandi at Vintage Revivals and she has a way with words that always leaves me smiling.  Her project of turning an old leather sofa into a bench just blew me away.  Check it out here.
  • Found this great idea for DIY Mason Jar Solar Lights by Thriftdee, click here.
  • Love this piece by Lindsey Stirling, “Beyond the Veil”    

Happy Weekend!



“Shout with joy to God, all the earth!”  Psalm 66:1  NIV Bible


Saving Money on Clear Ornaments


Who doesn’t love saving money especially around the holidays?  I know I do.

I’ve got a great tip if you’re in need of clear ornaments for your tree or gift making.  I decided to decorate my tree a little different this year and I needed a lot of clear ornaments but I hated to buy them.  I found this box at a thrift store that was filled to the brim with old ornaments that had seen better days.  For only $3, I had all the ornaments I needed.  That’s what I call a bargain!

ornaments pic I removed the hanger part off of each ornament and then, I submerged the ball into hot sudsy water with a little bit of bleach.  The paint on the outside comes off quickly and leaves the mirrored ball interior.  If I had wanted silver or mirror ornaments, I would have stopped at this stage and taken them out but, I was after clear ones.

The silver is on the inside of the ornament and requires a bit more effort to remove.  To assist me in getting it off, I spooned a teaspoon or so of salt into the ornament.  Next, I  added a small amount of  sudsy water into the ball and then, I placed my finger over the top and shook the ornament like crazy.  You’ll be able to see the silver coming off.   Don’t bother with smelly paint thinner, paint remover or fingernail polish remover, I tried them and they don’t work quickly or nearly as good as plain old soap and water.ornaments in bubbles picRemoving takes a little effort but the result is worth it. Nice, clean glass ornaments for my tree and I spent less than $5.  clear ornaments picCurious what I’m doing with them?  I plan to share sometime next week.



“…the Holy City, Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God. {It} shone with the glory of God, and its brilliance was like that of a very precious jewel, like a jasper, clear as crystal.”  Revelation 21:10,11 NIV Bible

Craft Day: T-shirt with Fabric Pocket


All the rage on the college campus where my daughter attends school are cute t-shirts with a fabric pocket.  Honey Do made me one and, bless her heart, she sewed the pocket on by hand.  She must love me!

I’m going to share how to make one with you.  You need a t-shirt, a scrap of fabric, a pocket pattern and a coffee filter as well as thread, a sewing machine and scissors.  My pocket pattern is 4 3/4″ x 5 3/4″ to the point.  The finished pocket will be 4 1/2″ x 5 1/2″, give or take a little. 

After cutting out a pocket in the fabric, I ironed the edges 1/4″ under all the way around.
Next, I sewed a hem in the top of my pocket.  Then, I pinned the pocket with the edges tucked under onto the shirt.

After the pocket is pinned, slide the shirt under the foot of the sewing machine to stitch the right side starting at the top of the pocket.  Before you stitch, take the coffee filter and slide it under the t-shirt.  The coffee filter will be between the machine and the t-shirt and under the sewing foot.  I learned this trick from a friend of mine.  The coffee filter acts as a stabilizer and keeps the t-shirt and fabric from puckering.

When you are done stitching the three sides, turn the shirt inside out and tear away the coffee filter.

Turn the shirt right side out and you’re all done!

I would suggest that you wash the fabric and t-shirt first, before you start, in case they shrink.  Also, another cute addition to the pocket would be to add a monogram. : )
Have fun crafting!



“Therefore, as God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves 
with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience.”   
Colossians 3:12  NIV Bible

Seashell Mirror Project

I have dog eared, ripped out and/or drooled over seashell mirrors in magazines and books for years.  Finally, I have my own.  I can’t wait for you to get to the after picture of this project!

I made this mirror specifically to go over the sink in our pool house.  I know that sounds really grandiose to have a pool house, but trust me, this room is only a very, very, small bathroom.   I have to be careful what I put out there because the house is not heated or cooled and shares the space with the pool pump and equipment.  Not to mention, sometimes critters get in there.

I started this project with a thrift store frame.  I think I paid about $1.  I bought one that had a flat surface and then spray painted it white in case some of the frame showed through the shells.

Next, I added the mirror to the frame (with Honey Do’s help).   Do you remember the mirror that I had cut for my side table for free?  If you don’t, you can see it by clicking here.   This mirror was cut out of the same original piece.  Bonus! I got this piece cut for free, too.  The last step was adding the seashells.  I have been saving seashells from our beach trips for several years for just this purpose.  I used a glue gun to attach them to the frame.
And here is the wonderful after!

I’m including this front view shot so you can see the mirror straight on, but I’m not crazy about the angle or the lighting of the picture.  It’s so hard to take a picture of a mirror and not be in the shot!

I think the mirror turned out perfect.  What do you think?  And if you’d really like to see more, you can click here to see the start of our pool house renovation.

I’m also linking up with Jennifer today.  Drop by her site and see all the other wonderful projects! Click here.



“I will surely bless you and make your descendants as numerous as the stars in the sky and as the sand on the seashore…” Genesis 22:17  NIV Bible

Table Flip

Table Flip


Mental Clutter.  Yes, that’s what I’d call it.  This project stayed on the back burner for months, maybe even a year.   I’d always look at it and think *ugh* I’ve got to take care of that.  Every time I saw it, I’d feel stress because the table was ONE MORE THING I hadn’t finished.    Have you felt like that about a project?

I found this cute little brass side table with a Greek key motif on the side at a local thrift shop.  I think I paid about $3 for it.  The table had no top but I knew I could remedy that with a mirror I had picked up at another shop for $1.  The problem: the mirror needed to be cut. 

I hauled that heavy mirror to the hardware store hoping they would cut it for me; only to discover, the mirror was tempered glass and they didn’t have the capabilities to cut that type of glass.  I needed a windshield shop.  So, I took the mirror home that day and the mirror and table sat and sat until today…
Honey Do took my mirror to the windshield guy who cut it for FREE!  Nice guy : )

And finally, one mental clutter project is completed!   Molly, my tabby, was so happy she wanted to be in every picture I took.  She is such a diva!

I linked up with Jane@Finding Fabulous’s Linky party today.   Check out the other fabulous finds on her site!



“Commit to the LORD, whatever you do, and your plans will succeed.” 
Proverbs 16:3  NIV Bible