How to be a Hostess with the Mostest

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Today, I’m continuing the thread on Southern hospitality that I began on Day 2, for more on that post, click here.  That day, I focused, primarily, on hospitality from the standpoint of friendliness, but another component of being hospitable is being a hostess with the mostest.    Some people are naturally born with the gift of being a gracious hostess.  Others of us have to learn a few basic tricks “to fake it ’till we make it” as Doodlebug says.  I believe that anyone, no matter if they were gifted or not, can welcome and entertain others in their home and make them feel welcome.

Here’s a few tricks I’ve learned over the years that have helped.

1. Keep the pantry stocked with foods that you can put together quickly.

2. Be comfortable in your own home and how it looks and others will be comfortable too — even, and most especially, when there is laundry everywhere, dishes in the sink,  dog hair across the floor, and a month’s worth of dust on the bookshelves.  BE CONFIDENT and VERY WELCOMING and they will forget about your house.

3. If you know guests are coming, it’s amazing how quickly the main living spaces can be straightened up, candles lit and the house appear to others that you live “neat” all the time.

4. When cooking a meal, cook something you know is a winner or get take out.  If you know your guests really well, break these rules, abandon them to the wind and cook something new you’ve been longing to try.

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What are your go-to dishes when company comes by?



“Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some people have entertained angels without knowing it.”  Hebrews 13:2  NIV Bible

Kitchen Table Update

We bought our table years ago at an antique shop in town.  I, especially, loved it because it is HUGE!   It’s 4 feet across with 5 leaves so plenty of room for food and plates on the table.The finish has always needed to be redone.  The old stain had darkened with age and some places were so worn the stain no longer existed.

Here is an old picture of the table, I couldn’t find one by itself.


With the new change in the kitchen, we decided the time had come to refinish the table.   First, the old stain had to be stripped off.   Those turned legs were a pain to strip!   Next, I had Honey Do apply a white wash finish and a sealer.   I wanted the table to look like weathered wood.

Ta da!   I love my new and improved kitchen table.  I think it turned out perfect.

Thanksgiving is almost here!  I’d better start planning!   How about you?



“For the kingdom of God is not a matter of eating and drinking,
 but of righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit,”  Romans 14:17  The Holy Bible