My Favorite Things 2015


One of my favorite link ups and posts to make all year is Melissa’s My Favorite Things. I love to see what others have shared and get some great recommendations for gift items for Christmas.

#1 Morningstar Farms Chipotle Black Bean Burgers

A favorite at our house and so quick to make! These burgers are great smashed up as burritos too.

#2 Roc Deep Wrinkle Serum

This serum has been a wonderful addition to my beauty regimen.

#3 Liverpool Sienna jean leggings

Super comfortable and when worn with a tunic, and not like the pic above, no one knows they’re not real deal jeans.

#4 Polar: A Photicular Book by Dan Kainen, Carol Kaufmann

Two other photicular books are available: Ocean and Safari. I have a sweet little niece who is going to get one of these for Christmas.

And last but not least …

#5 Off the is a great source for finding new books to read.

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Shhh…. I have a personal stylist


Last post, I promised to share with you this awesome clothing service I found.  Have you ever heard yourself say this?

I can’t find anything in the stores that I like and I don’t have the time and energy to shop for clothes.

If so, I’ve got the solution for you!  It’s called Stitch Fix.  Stitch Fix is an online women’s personal styling service. A stylist is assigned to you and, according to a questionnaire about your clothing tastes and budget, they choose 5 items tailored to your tastes to ship to you.  You set the shipping schedule which ranges from every few weeks to every other month. There is no sign up fee and you do not have to keep any of the items you don’t want.  The only catch is if you decide to not keep any of the items you pay a $20 styling fee…not too shabby to be treated like a celebrity! Also, they currently don’t serve clients over size 14 but they have plans to do so in the future.  I’ve received two shipments so far and I’ve been pleased with the quality and the items that I have been sent.

Here’s what I received in my very first box.  I was so excited!

I love these dark chocolate cords. They fit great and are super soft.  The blouse is really nice too.  I wouldn’t have necessarily tried it on.  I kept both of these items!

stitch fix top and pants

This striped top was super soft but I don’t think it does anything for me.  I felt ugh in it and felt it accentuated areas I didn’t want accentuated.  This item went bye-bye.

stitch fix top

This sweater cardigan I almost kept but I had two others just like it, so I returned it.  I was worried people would start talking about me and all of my aztec print cardigans.

stitch fix sweater

The earrings were very pretty and lightweight but I felt the quality of them wasn’t worth the price so they were returned.

stitch fix earrings

I felt this first shipment was pretty spot on for the types of clothing I was looking for and bonus I only had to go as far as my front door to find them!  The company also includes a set of outfit cards as suggestions on how to wear your items, which I thought was helpful.  With each order I’ve received, I’ve been very impressed with their attention to detail and care.  If you’re interested, you can check them out by clicking on the referral link here.  I do receive a credit for referring you if you order.



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Rabbit chasing

Hey!  I’m glad you’re here!  This post is part of a 31 Day writing challenge hosted by The Nester.  During the month of October, I’m writing on Southern A Way of Life.  I will be back to my ‘regular’ posts in November.  Consider pushing that follow button to the right for all my latest posts.  Thanks y’all!

31 Day Button 2013.001Day Three

I spent a year living outside of Washington D.C. when I was in high school.  Technically speaking, that area of the country is considered the South but it is so far removed from what I would consider southern.  These supposed Southerners were asking me, a fellow Southerner, if I went barefoot all the time and had chickens.  The math teacher also had me work problems out loud on the board that contained the numbers 5 and 9 just so he could hear my accent.  Oh, the tragedy at 14 years old!   He did it because he liked me, I think.  But, that kind of teasing would probably be considered bullying in this day and age.

Misconceptions and stereotypes exist all over this nation but most only carry a kernel of truth.  Doodlebug and I attempt to  talk about these misconceptions and then, we started rabbit chasing to fashion.  The video ended up being more about what Southern women wear than misconceptions about us.  I hope you enjoy it!

What do you wear where you live?  Do you rock the capris and flip flops, too?



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