The Battle of Meal Planning


It’s Catie, blogging for my mom!

This will be my third week now of cooking meals every night (or most nights) and I’m gong to be blunt here and say, it’s hard! Who knew being a grown up would  require so much work?!!

I equate this work much to how I imagine it’s like to prepare for battle.  First, you must plan your strategy (the week’s menu). It must be detailed enough that you know exactly what you are going to do, but flexible enough to accommodate the dietary preferences of your allies (the family members).  You know … don’t schedule a week of meaty meals when someone is going vegetarian. Keep thy allies happy! (or you will find yourself washing your own dishes..)

Next, you have to check the supplies and decide what must be bought. This step is by FAR the most crucial. Just as you wouldn’t want to go to battle without a sword (this is more of a medieval battle than a modern one), you  don’t want to find yourself elbow deep in marinating meat searching for that supposed bottle of thyme (Can we say Salmonella hands….Ew!)

Once you know what supplies you need, you must be cunning and quick in the grocery store! Dodging the slow or aisle hogging shoppers and quickly choosing the products needed, all while remaining on budget and on point.

Finally, you arrive home, and the battle begins!

Kinda Dramatic….I know.

Anyways, the results of my little battles have been very yummy!  For instance, a couple of days ago, I made this delicious Columbian Steak with Aji Picante sauce from the cookbook SkinnyTaste by Gina Homolka. Gasp! A non-Mexican food meal you ask? Yup…and it was good!


Mmm mmm!

Until next time,


A New Beginning

A New Beginning


Spring is my favorite time of year. I love a new beginning — the anticipation of what is to come …

A few weeks ago as the temp began warming up, I started working
in the back part of our property clearing out debris —-

some of it left behind from Hurricane Katrina and some that just needed to come out.

As I saw these coming up, I came to a decision I had been contemplating for quite sometime …

Just like these new woodland flowers pushing through the ground,

it’s time to make some new changes in my life, home and yard.

I wanted to begin a blog to share ideas about fixin up my home and yard affordably and creatively.

I’d like to make new friends and have some accountability to write more.

I’d better watch out for those things that might make me afraid to push forward in this new adventure!

I hope you will join me in my journey and follow me as I hope to write more, share more and love more

With lots of great crafty, decorating and thrifty fun thrown in the mix!

Will you join me??


“See! The winter is past; the rains are over and gone. Flowers appear on the earth; the season of singing has come…”  Song of Songs  2:11,12–  The Holy Bible