Pouf Power


Poufs?  What are poufs???  Back in the old days, we called them footstools.
Today, they are a hot commodity in the home accessories market and can be a bit pricey.Doodlebug needed extra seating for her and the Roomie in their dorm room.
I found two of these lovely babies— $3 a piece.

First, I cut away the old vinyl.  No special tools required…just a pair of scissors.

After I removed the old fabric, I discovered how the footstool was made.  Sometimes, it’s a real surprise!!   I added batting to the top and sides and covered it with white naugahyde that I satin stitched a design on top.

The poufs are now at home in the Delta Delta Delta house with my Doodlebug and her Roomie.

Total cost: $25 !!!



“This is what the LORD says: “Heaven is my throne, and the earth is my footstool.”…” 
Isaiah 66:1     The Holy Bible 


Dorm Room Makeover Finished


A few months back, I teased you with the fabrics for Doodlebug’s new dorm room.

You might remember, this room is dorm room #3 I have put

together for her.  But, I think it might be the charmer!

Here’s a picture of their room fabric to refresh the ol’ memory.

This fabric was a great find and really set the stage for the whole room.
On installation day, somebody was shy!!!

Honey Do had to build these canopies so they were freestanding.
Why, you might ask ??!!
because the first nail into the wall costs $40 and each, thereafter
costs $10 apiece!!!    Gotta love Residence Housing! Lol

I made them each a monogram pillow using an old tablecloth I found
for 75 cents at the thrift shop and some chocolate brown bias tape.

A close up of the duvet cover and bedskirt—-One side of the duvet is an icy blue that is a soft poly/rayon fabric that has a sheen to it and the other side is a baby blue flannel for snuggly softness!

A close up of Doodlebug’s bed looking all spiffy and pulled together.
The inset on the valance and the background fabric behind the headboard
is a camel and cream check. The striped pillow cover and the sequin pillow
came from the local thrift shop for 50 cents each.

Roomie’s side of the room —Looking good!!!

Final cost for the room…. drumroll, please……….$146 each!

I went over my budget by $46 dollars but the smiles on their faces–




“…A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.”
Ecclesiastes 4:12b The Holy Bible

Quick Wall Art Project


I love looking through home design books and finding take-away ideas!

This quick project was inspired by a piece of artwork I saw in
Downtown Chic by Robert and Cortney Novogratz.

I purchased a 16 x20 acrylic frame from Michael’s and about 15 bundles of silk daisies from the Dollar Store.

I took the white cardboard box out of the acrylic frame and replaced it with a piece of foam core board cut to size and painted green.

When the foam core dried, I hot glued the flower heads that I pulled off the stems to the board.

I added an inspirational word I stamped on paper and then, secured the finished foam core board into the frame with a few spots of hot glue on each side.

Quick– Easy–Happy Art!!
What do you think???
Can you spot the two surprises among the flowers?!
As the rain and the snow come down from heaven, and do not return to it without watering the earth and making it bud and flourish, so that it yields seed for the sower and bread for the eater, so is my word that goes out from my mouth” 
Isaiah 55:10-11a  The Holy Bible

Dorm Room Makeover, Again?!


My Doodlebug said, ” You know, you love it Mommy.”

I swore I wouldn’t do this again… after all, I’ve already done it—- twice!!
Yet, she’s right … I can’t resist the challenge or that sweet face!

Freshman year: 
I sewed and sewed until I thought my fingers would fall off!

Move-in day and not quite finished here; but it’s the only picture I have.

Painting wasn’t an option and the room really needed a big shot of color.
Headboards covered with turquoise raw silk were the answer.
( I know — a little extravagant but those concrete block walls needed something!!! )

Next, I bought beds in a bag from Target and used the sheets to make the curtains and the bed skirts: trimming everything with turquoise ball fringe or lime green rickrack.

I purchased lime green fabric and a turquoise fabric and made desk chair covers and a second set of curtains to separate the beds from the closets. (another chance to add color!!!)
All the remnant fabric became pillows for their beds.

Total for the room including carpet and an ottoman — $500  ($250 each).

I thought that would be it…….I was mistaken……

Sophomore year:
New roommate, new dorm and Doodlebug wanted a new color palette.
I said “Ok, but I’m not waitin’  till the last minute and I’m not spendin’ as much as last time.”
I really showed her, didn’t I ??!! Lol!!

Same headboard just recovered in a different fabric.  The brown and aqua fabrics are sheets. The brown duvet cover laying across the top is striped on the back side in yellow, aqua and brown.  The brown and white floral fabric I bought. The dust ruffle has red piping and the aqua pillow has a wide red trim.

The small  floral pillow is actually made out of old leather shorts and jackets I found at thrift shops.
The small brown pillow is made from a velour leopard print dress I cut up.
The red body pillow is made out of an old red curtain printed with small white stars.

And once again, a picture during move-in day so the room is not totally put together with canvases covering those lovely concrete block walls!
( This room is only 9 feet across!!!)

Total for this room — $300  ($150 each)

And here we are…
This coming fall or aka Junior year:
My Doodlebug moves into the sorority house – new roommate and a full bed so none of the previous stuff works……..Aw, shucks!

My budget —-$200 total  ($100 each)
But wait………….a twist………her roommate needs her part by May 14th.
She is attending summer school.    Yikes!!!!

Here are the new fabrics — a decidedly more grown up palette.
The fabric store had a huge sale two weeks ago.
The floral Tommy Bahama print and the Kaufmann animal print were $2 a yard!!!
The light blue was $3.98 a yard. Total price for all was just shy of $150– Score!!!!
Can I do it??? Can I stay under budget?? Are you gonna stay tuned in to find out??
“She selects wool and flax and works with eager hands. ..She sets about her work vigorously; 
her arms are strong for her tasks… She makes coverings for her bed;”  
Proverbs 31:13,17,22a  The Holy Bible