A Whole New Meaning to the word, “Thumb Drive”


We had an interesting Monday.  Honey Do had time off for Martin Luther King Day and spent the day working on our living room.  If you recall, we ripped out our fireplace wall, built that wall back, and we have painted the beams and installed new lighting on the old fireplace wall.  The current project is building and installing the bookshelves and cabinets that will surround our new fireplace.

living room cabinets2

living room cabinet1

Honey Do had completed most of the cabinet components over the 3-day weekend when I heard him asking me to come and help. I, naturally assumed, he wanted my help to carry in a cabinet from the garage.  He was so calm.  Boy, was I wrong!   He had shot a nail straight through his thumb with the nail gun!

jack's thumb

Fortunately, he was able to get a doctor’s appointment that day for an x-ray and tetanus shot.  He did not shoot the nail through the bone, only a possible grazing.  His thumb is healing nicely and no signs of a bone infection at the present.   Thank the Lord!

Renovation, truly, can require a person’s blood, sweat, and tears, even all in one day.



“See, I have engraved you on the palms of my hands;”  Isaiah 49:16 NIV Bible

Living Room Update Part 2


My house is surrounded by woods and sometimes, taking a picture inside can be problematic.  This morning, the sunshine peeked through the clouds and I took this picture quick while the getting was good. : )


The painted beams really make the ceiling soar.  The room feels so spacious.  We’re very pleased with the results.  What do you think?  I’m still contemplating the ceiling fan.  Living in the South, ceiling fans are beneficial on our warm days and truly help lower a power bill but aesthetically, they’re not pretty as a light fixture.

While the paint can, ladder, and drop cloths were still out, Honey Do kept painting and did the kitchen sitting area, too.


I’m also showing off my latest addition and purchase for the living room.  I bought it at a store in town.  Many of you have probably bought their products through West Elm and other retail centers.  They’ve been a wholesale store only for years but this fall, they opened their very first retail store.  Check out At West End.


What else have I been doing?  Sewing slipcovers.  I’m beginning to see the end.  I only have the sofa left to finish.   My target for completion is Thanksgiving.  I’ll share more in days to come.

Are you scratching your head and wondering where I’m going style wise with my house?  Or, are you thinking, ‘wow, that’s colorful’ with eyebrows raised and skewed?



“…may they who love you be like the sun when it rises in its strength.”  Judges 5:31 NIV Bible

Living Room Ceiling


We began a renovation of our living room in April and in May, I made this post about our plans and progress.  September rolled around and I posed the question about whether to paint our beams or not in this post.  Jump forward another month and the decision about the beams?  We painted.

If you recall in the before picture, the beams wrapped under the ceiling across the 8 foot part.  Honey Do had to make and install a long beam the length of the room where the ceiling stops at 8 feet before painting.  He had some difficulty locating the same style board in order to match the ones we have.  This install was one of the reasons we painted.

Before picture:


Midway into the project:


The project was so tedious.  Each beam had to be caulked and brushed off before painting. Then, the beams were primed and painted.   Honey Do, bless his heart, got  several splinters from those rough hewn beams.

Honey Do hard at work priming the beams.


The room is really transforming now.  I can’t wait to show you the after picture but it will have to wait… Not enough sunshine the last few days for a good shot.

What do you think?  What projects have you been accomplishing at your house?



“We work hard with our own hands…”  1 Corinthians 4:12  NIV Bible