Living Room Ceiling


We began a renovation of our living room in April and in May, I made this post about our plans and progress.  September rolled around and I posed the question about whether to paint our beams or not in this post.  Jump forward another month and the decision about the beams?  We painted.

If you recall in the before picture, the beams wrapped under the ceiling across the 8 foot part.  Honey Do had to make and install a long beam the length of the room where the ceiling stops at 8 feet before painting.  He had some difficulty locating the same style board in order to match the ones we have.  This install was one of the reasons we painted.

Before picture:


Midway into the project:


The project was so tedious.  Each beam had to be caulked and brushed off before painting. Then, the beams were primed and painted.   Honey Do, bless his heart, got  several splinters from those rough hewn beams.

Honey Do hard at work priming the beams.


The room is really transforming now.  I can’t wait to show you the after picture but it will have to wait… Not enough sunshine the last few days for a good shot.

What do you think?  What projects have you been accomplishing at your house?



“We work hard with our own hands…”  1 Corinthians 4:12  NIV Bible

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