Youtube, Seriously?!

Last summer, I posted about decorating my daughter’s dorm room in the sorority house.  Doodlebug’s room was a favorite as the potential new members toured the house for rush.

Here is how the room looked on move-in day, August 2011.

In April, the Residence Hall people came to take pictures.  Doodlebug mentioned it but she was sick that day and I was preoccupied with trying to get her better.  I had forgotten all about the room being photographed until a few weeks ago when Doodlebug pulled it up on the internet and casually said, “Mama, do ya wanna see my room online?”  I was like.. What?!
(I thought they were just putting a picture in a brochure.)

Her room was chosen by the university to feature as a sample room for residence hall housing. You can see the virtual tour here!
I guess I’m famous now….I’m on Youtube : )



“LORD, I have heard of your fame; I stand in awe of your deeds, O LORD.”  
Habakkuk 3:2a  NIV Bible

Pouf Power


Poufs?  What are poufs???  Back in the old days, we called them footstools.
Today, they are a hot commodity in the home accessories market and can be a bit pricey.Doodlebug needed extra seating for her and the Roomie in their dorm room.
I found two of these lovely babies— $3 a piece.

First, I cut away the old vinyl.  No special tools required…just a pair of scissors.

After I removed the old fabric, I discovered how the footstool was made.  Sometimes, it’s a real surprise!!   I added batting to the top and sides and covered it with white naugahyde that I satin stitched a design on top.

The poufs are now at home in the Delta Delta Delta house with my Doodlebug and her Roomie.

Total cost: $25 !!!



“This is what the LORD says: “Heaven is my throne, and the earth is my footstool.”…” 
Isaiah 66:1     The Holy Bible 


Dorm Room Makeover Finished


A few months back, I teased you with the fabrics for Doodlebug’s new dorm room.

You might remember, this room is dorm room #3 I have put

together for her.  But, I think it might be the charmer!

Here’s a picture of their room fabric to refresh the ol’ memory.

This fabric was a great find and really set the stage for the whole room.
On installation day, somebody was shy!!!

Honey Do had to build these canopies so they were freestanding.
Why, you might ask ??!!
because the first nail into the wall costs $40 and each, thereafter
costs $10 apiece!!!    Gotta love Residence Housing! Lol

I made them each a monogram pillow using an old tablecloth I found
for 75 cents at the thrift shop and some chocolate brown bias tape.

A close up of the duvet cover and bedskirt—-One side of the duvet is an icy blue that is a soft poly/rayon fabric that has a sheen to it and the other side is a baby blue flannel for snuggly softness!

A close up of Doodlebug’s bed looking all spiffy and pulled together.
The inset on the valance and the background fabric behind the headboard
is a camel and cream check. The striped pillow cover and the sequin pillow
came from the local thrift shop for 50 cents each.

Roomie’s side of the room —Looking good!!!

Final cost for the room…. drumroll, please……….$146 each!

I went over my budget by $46 dollars but the smiles on their faces–




“…A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.”
Ecclesiastes 4:12b The Holy Bible