Christmas at the Governor’s Mansion


I took a field trip yesterday to our Governor’s Mansion to see it all decked out for Christmas.  And of course, I need to share!   I only had my cell phone so please excuse the poor quality of some of the pictures.

The Mississippi Governor’s Mansion is the second oldest continuously occupied governor’s residence in the United States with Virginia being the first.  The Mansion was built in 1841 for about $50,000.  The tour takes place in the original historic part of the Mansion which was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1975.

The Foyer

mansion foyer pic mansion foyer closeup pic

The Gold Parlor

mansion front room pic mansion front room detail pic mansion tabletop tree pic

State Dining Room mantel: I wish I had a picture of the table. The center was decorated with boats similar to the one on the mantel.

mansion front room mantel pic

Front Rose Parlor: This room was decorated to reflect our Gulf Coast.

mansion coast room mantel pic

mansion coast room mantel detail pic

mansion coast room fireplace picmansion coast room pic

mansion coast room tabletop pic

The Back Rose Parlor: This room was decorated to reflect the Delta.  Our state flower is the magnolia and you’ll see it sprinkled around the tree.  You’ll also see cotton bolls since cotton is grown in the Delta.

mansion delta room tree pic

mansion delta room tree details pic

mansion delta room mantel pic

mansion delta room mantel detail pic

mansion delta room fireplace pic

mansion delta room side table pic

The Pumpkin Bedroom is on the second floor and was decorated for children.

mansion kids room tree pic   mansion kids room fireplace pic

mansion kids room mantel pic

mansion kids room stocking pic

The Gold Bedroom on the second floor was decorated with a woodland animal motif.

mansion animal tree pic

mansion animal mantel pic

mansion animal room fireplace pic  mansion animal tabletop decor pic

The Green Bedroom on the second floor had a music theme.

mansion music room mantel pic mansion music tree pic

The Cream Bedroom on the second floor was decorated with a book theme.  President John F. Kennedy once slept in this room as did the novelist William Styron.

mansion book room mantel pic

mansion book tree pic

mansion book tree detail pic

The Second Floor Sitting Hall was decorated with trees and a Santa holding a teddy bear which is a nod to the origins of the teddy bear.  When President Teddy Roosevelt visited Mississippi to bear hunt in 1902, he refused to shoot an old bear and the story was depicted in a political cartoon.  A New York shop owner placed a couple of stuffed bears in his window and called them “Teddy’s bears”.  The name eventually stuck for the stuffed animals and forever connected teddy bears and President Teddy Roosevelt with Mississippi.mansion second floor landing santa pic mansion second floor landing pic

I really enjoyed the tour.  I hope you did too vicariously.  Did you catch some of the clever and easy ideas to copy like I did?  I’m hoping to share some of my decorations next week.

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How’s your decorating going at your house?



“The days are coming declares the LORD, when I will raise up to David a righteous Branch, a King who will reign wisely and do what is just and right in the land.”  Jeremiah 23:5 NIV Bible

2 thoughts on “Christmas at the Governor’s Mansion

  1. So many great pictures Mimi! I don’t remember if I’ve asked you this, but I’d love to know where you are in Mississippi! My husbands family is from there, and we visit every Christmas! 🙂 These pictures are GREAT – I’m going to show this post to my mother-in-law – she’d love this! (And she’s a master gardener, and decorated beautifully too.) Thank you SO MUCH for your grace with me writing you back – between getting sick after we moved, and trying to unpack, I feel like I am just coming up for air. I will email you back today (I don’t know what happened with your multiple emails, I only got one! Sorry about that! 🙂 – I am so excited to guest post for you friend! Blessings!

    • Hey Sarah! Thanks — I live near Jackson. Holler at me when you come for Christmas and if you’re near the Jackson area maybe we can “meet” : )

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