Double Names

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Double names and family names are very popular in the South.  If you can combine the two, you’ve got a winner!  I think the employing of double names gives honor to the past while making the name unique to the child.  I like this tradition.  I was named after my  maternal grandmother.  I have her given name, her maiden name and her nickname.  Mimi was her nickname which is the name I use.

We gave our daughter a double name.  We named her after both of her grandmothers.  I think we called her both names for two weeks and then, we started calling her by a nickname.  Sometimes, I wish we had stuck to it but her nickname suits her.  If you’re curious about double name combinations, click here. This list has plenty to choose from.

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Does your name have a story?



“…Fear not, for I have redeemed you; I have summoned you by name;  you are mine.”  Isaiah 43:1b NIV Bible

2 thoughts on “Double Names

  1. We worked long and hard to preserve our daughters double name Emily Grace during our seven year exile above the Mason-Dixon Line. It was worth every trip to the school to talk one on one to every teacher grades 1-6. And every single one of them smiled, nodded, affirmed my choice of lovely name and proceeded to call her “Em”! Aaauugggghh!

    Loving the series Mimi! 🙂

    • Thanks Cammy! I think we like to use the full name here and not shorten them to 2 letters. My experience has been that those not from the south tend to do this — I don’t know why?? My name is 4 letters long and non southerners will shorten it to 3 letters and throw an ‘s’ on the end. why?? I just want to say with you — aauuggghh! We don’t like it , we like our names the way they are.

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