I Believe in a Thing Called….Crock Pot


For those who have not read the two previous posts here and here, this is not Mimi but Catie, her daughter, here to blog in her place for one month. To start off, I am currently attempting to boost my cooking skills using the waistline friendly cookbook SkinnyTaste by Gina Homolka.

For my third night of cooking, I delved into the magical world of Crock Pots. Now, apart from marveling at all the pins on Pinterest that my clearly culinarily-superior friends post, I have not had any experience with this cooking style. So, I never understood the draw. However, after this meal, I can say that my life is forever changed.

On the menu: Slow Cooker Santa Fe Chicken.

It was seriously magic. I dropped in the ingredients: chicken broth, Rotel, beans, corn, cilantro, an array of spices, and chicken breasts into the pot and then, and this is the really cool part, I put the lid on it.  Poof, done! I was off the hook for the next 6 hours.

Six hours later when I came back, perfectly falling apart, fully flavored chicken greeted me. We had it as soup for dinner, but while we ate, everyone was excited to try it as a filling in other meals such as enchiladas or nachos. (Did I mention how much my family loves Mexican food?…really, its a problem…intervention, anyone?)

Crock pot chicken

Delicious looking right? I can say, truly from the bottom of my heart, that from this moment on, I am a HUGE believer in the power of a Crock Pot. I just may pin those recipes now on Pinterest with the best of ’em!

Until next time,