A Few Things Learned in 2014


To handle the stress of a close New Year’s Day bowl game, I started compiling this list together.  Unfortunately, my team lost but oh, it was so close!  Here’s a few things I learned in 2014.

things learned in 2014 banner

1.  The word, dilemma, does not contain an “n”.  I’m gobsmacked.  I could’ve sworn an “n” lurked inside the spelling of the word.  Since I’ve always been proficient at spelling and an English major ( and perhaps want to live in denial of misspelling this word for years!), my only recourse is to assume that I was taught incorrectly and apparently, others were too. This post summed up the confusion over the spelling error.

2.  This simple DIY post was a life changer over the Christmas holidays and created order to my messy wrapping paper rolls.  Who knew a simple toliet paper roll or a paper towel roll when sliced down the side could act as a clamp securing the paper?!  Genius!  Check it out here.

3. I learned that conscious uncoupling is a fancy way of saying divorce.  Does that mean I’ve consciously coupled for thirty years??  Sounds like racy plumbing talk.

4. I took a risk and shared photos free of charge to a local magazine that promised to give me photo credit and they honored their deal in their magazine.  The FB page doesn’t show the credit so I chalked it up to learning a lesson not to share but the magazine does give credit.  All in all, lesson learned is people are unable to please you to your expectations.

5. Writing is painful, consuming, and thoroughly fun all at the same time. I struggle with finding enough time to do it and have totally blown my deadlines I set but I’m still having fun.  I’m hopeful to complete the draft of the bible study this winter.

6. Don’t go to the pound if you don’t want a dog.  Case in point post here.

7. Cohabitating with your adult children, who have moved back in with you, can provide tasty perks.  My daughter has taken over cooking on numerous occasions and blogged about her adventures on my site.

I’m joining Emily and others talking about what we’ve learned at her lovely site, Chatting at the Sky.  Come join in!



“Let the wise hear and increase in learning, and the one who understands obtain guidance,”  Proverbs 1:5 ESV Bible

5 thoughts on “A Few Things Learned in 2014

  1. Hey Mimi … I love that you redeemed the Super Bowl by writing! YES!
    2014 left us lots of treasures … and too many lessons to count. Can’t wait to see what God’s going to do in these next 12 months!

    Happy New Year …

  2. Happy New Year w/hugs to start 2015!!

    We rang it in, ROARING!!!!l

    Our lessons:

    1). Expect the unexpected – of course it’s no longer a surprise. But, it always is, anyway. We had enough to last the rest of our lives. 2 IRS audits (we have successfully beaten 3/4 of the balance they wanted, and going to US Tax Court to vye for the rest); my daughter inexplicably has abandoned the family, saying my long term illness is all in my head (this is out of the blue – we are praying); a week before Christmas they found a 1cm tumor on a nerve at my C6 spine disc- this is adding to this same year genetic mutation findings and spinal generative disc diagnosis; new symptoms keep rearing their head do it’s been a tough year but God has truly given us strength.
    2) Mimi – I Soooooo understand blowing writing deadlines. I started writing my first book in 2006. It is STILL in raw form and I’m still finding excellent content to add!!! the editor I think would like to come to my house, strangle me, the take the msnuscript, and leave me. But the new content is never before known info, even the editor is saying “oh my, we must have it!” Oh yes, the manufacturer about who I am writing, has asked me to write another subject matter book- so now I have a second book waiting in queue – ‘oy!!
    3) I think I was taught as a Christian to trust people and it led to being naively being too trust worthy. Luckily my dad and my mom’s grandfather, who worked for Henry Ford, had a saying “the deal is not done until the ink is dry”. So in balance of the two, I would listen and talk through a deal with a handshake, but seal it all in writing with blue ink to “keep things clear for both sides”. Most businessmen liked that explanation. You do talk about so much it is good to write it down.
    I wanted to close by saying how much I’ve enjoyed your blogs and your topics. I look forward to them!!
    Abby…Heloise…Mimi !!
    Take care my friend. Hugs to you. Pam

    • Hey Pam! I’m speechless about the difficulties you’ve faced this past year. I’m so sorry. I’ll be praying for you, my friend. As for book writing, you’re way ahead of me — you’ve got an editor. Your book will come together when the time is right. Thank you friend for commenting and supporting me with your sweet words. Take care!

  3. Hi Mimi,
    I have to agree about the word “dilemma”, I always spell it with an “n” and then I am grateful
    for spell check. So glad you included it on your list.
    I completely agree with your assessment of writing. The agony and the ecstasy as they say.
    But it is completely worth it when your hand feel guided by the Lord.
    So happy to visit your blog!

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