A Moment of Insanity and Blogging 101


What was I thinking?!  I’d been feeling overly stressed while writing this bible study that has a deadline looming for publication and I must’ve had a moment of mid-life crisis insanity and thought I’d add more craziness to the mix.  I registered for a Blogging 101 course.  I clicked the button before I gave it thought.  Anybody else do things of this nature?  I’m like a binge stresser  — creating one big moment of meltdown.

My daughter promised me she would actually take this course for me after I woke up from said insanity and realized what I had done to myself.  Then, I see the topic for the first post and realize that she can’t ghost write a post about myself.

summer rose

I’ve been doing this “blogging thing” for a few years.  I’ve changed my name a couple of times, my address a few times, and then, last year, I bit the bullet and bought my own domain and set up my site on WordPress.  I really still feel computer illiterate and frankly, I’m hoping to learn more about navigating around WordPress. 

I feel like an older fish in this blog pond.  Many of the bloggers I read are quite a bit younger than me and most of my real life friends are just learning to navigate Facebook.  I would love to interact and meet bloggers closer to my age with the same interests. That being said, I’ve found most of the bloggers that I’ve interacted with online to be kind and generous.

I use blogging as a creative outlet and a writing practice.  Over the years, I’ve discovered I enjoy blogging about different aspects of my life.  I think the posts my readership has enjoyed the most {BIG THANK YOU to my faithful followers!} are when I review books, talk about my family, my house renovation, trips, faith, or some type of “my favorites” list.

blogging Collage

One of my blogging goals for this year was to post consistently and frequently.  I’ve done pretty good for most of the year.  The summer, I slowed down the frequencies of my posts because, well, … it was summer!  I’ve also tried to find my “voice” in writing.  I joined a writers group for a few months and I’ve tried to experiment more with my writing styles and also push myself to be more open and vulnerable in my posts.

Welcome y’all to the State of Hospitality!



“I have written you quite boldly on some points, as if to remind you of them again, because of the grace God gave me”  Romans 15:15 NIV Bible

4 thoughts on “A Moment of Insanity and Blogging 101

  1. As I read your post this morning, my life passed before my eyes…

    Let’s see…what my family has told me over the years, when in the thick if doing too much?

    Great Aunt ClydeLee:
    “This too shall pass.”

    My ever “encouraging” Dad:
    “Well I guess you won’t do that again.” (Smiling)
    (You have to know he’s the biggest softie. He just uses sarcasm to show it).

    My husband, upon hearing our 13 day insane “schedule” for our honeymoon covering London, Paris (in a day), and Scotland:
    “Love, Europe has been there for centuries…”

    I wouldn’t trade any if it again from when I was young. I loved pushing the limit. Noticed the past tense, lol.

    For me, it’s a deliberate choice. Trying to fit every shred of life I can into the seconds I’m awake. That leads to my decades of lack if sleep! See how my plan unfolds? 🙂

    I also wonder if this is just apart of our nature too. My Mom, who I classify as one if the most sensible and patient people I know (she had to be with Dad, my brother and me) told me after she retired “Pam, I’m busier now than I was when you and your brother were teens – full time mom, staff organist at church, teaching Sunday School every week, and volunteering at the jail ministry every week.” Mimi, and in thinking back when my brother and I weren’t yet driving, she still also read books as voraciously as you, cooked every meal from scratch, ran my brother to band practice, and me to piano practice (we lived 20 miles from town).

    I’m not sure I have an answer for you – just observations that we want to LIVE and explore. Those are our traits. So there may be no cure 🙂

  2. You…discombobulated (sp?)
    You, sister, are indeed chosen. No excuses. We love what you’re doing. And you are making a difference!

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