Mind your Ps & Qs

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Day 7

The phrase,’mind your Ps and Qs’, according to Wikipedia, comes from several possible sources.  Ps and Qs might represent “please'” and “thank you” or “please” and “excuse me”. Possibly, the expression might have referred to pints and quarts from English pubs and taverns during the seventeenth century.  Or maybe, the phrase originated with the French, who were instructed to mind their feet {pieds} and wigs {queues}, or with sailors from the eighteenth century, who were to watch their pea coats {peas} and their pony tails {queues}.  Today, the English expression means to “mind your manners” or “be on your best behavior.”

I feel certain that mothers, whether from the South or not, value etiquette and try to instill it in their children from an early age.  Southern mothers teach their girls that “pretty is as pretty does” and instruct their boys to be gentlemen.   I don’t believe manners will ever go out of style.  I think, if they do, we’ve truly lost something of value.  Being polite and courteous towards someone honors and respects them and makes them feel valued while only taking a small amount of thought and effort.

In this technological age that we live in, however, I believe a dichotomy is quickly forming.  I’ve observed that people are still polite in person but rudeness and disrespect are quickly becoming the norm on social media sites. These bad behavior offenders seem to have changed the phrase, “out of sight, out of mind” to “out of sight, say what I want.”  I’m hoping for graciousness and common courtesy to win out.  Have you noticed this trend, too?

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“Each of you must respect his mother and father, and you must observe my Sabbaths.  I am the LORD your God.”  Leviticus 19:3  NIV Bible

3 thoughts on “Mind your Ps & Qs

  1. You make a powerful point about “out of sight, say what I want.” Great observation! By the way, I read this post while I drank my soda this morning in PA.

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