My 31 Day Topic Reveal!


I’m one big bundle of emotions concerning my topic for the October challenge.  The challenge is to write each day of October and yes, I’m going to follow the rules but I’m also stepping it up and adding a twist.   This year, I wanted to try something TOTALLY outside my comfort zone and Honey, I’m going for it in a big way! 

What makes this topic such a biggie?  Doesn’t sound very intimidating, does it?  Southern: A Way of Life– 31 Conversations Between a Mother and Daughter   I mean, seriously, what could be scary about that since I’ve lived in the South my whole life?! 

The reason:  Doodlebug and I have filmed video segments of us talking about being Southern.   I’m terrified excited to really share but being an introvert by nature, I’m anxious to say the least.  Then, there’s the whole issue of being on camera and how you look.  I, also, don’t want to embarrass myself or Southerners, in general, because the last thing I would ever want to do, is offend a fellow Southerner. 

If you’ve ever wondered about the South or what makes Southerners tick or maybe,  you’ve wanted to be Southern but don’t know how.  Well then Sugar, the month of October is your lucky month!  I’m going to give you my perspective of  Southern — A way of life
I hope these posts and videos will make you smile and maybe giggle a little and I hope you’ll feel a closer kinship with this, here, Southern girl.  After all, we’re probably related. 



“You who swelter in your clothes when the land lies hushed under the south wind,”  
Job 37:17  NIV Bible

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