The Christmas Tree 2012

The Tree 2012
I decorate my tree differently every year.   We’ve used an artificial tree for many years since my daughter had asthma as a baby and the smell seemed to send her into a coughing frenzy.  But last year, we actually used a real tree.  I really enjoyed the smell and the freshness of it but keeping it hydrated and the falling needles and the wonkiness was not so fun.  This year’s tree is brand new and I keep finding branches to unfurl and lights I want to tuck in differently but the tree is coming together.

I decided to use ornaments in white, gold, silver, gray, and blue.  I added some brass letters, some words, a few bells, some nutcrackers which I spray painted and a few others throw in.

For a tree skirt, I bought a faux sheepskin at Target this fall and I kinda like it under the tree.  I was going for a soft effect, not too flashy or busy.

Looking upwards…

My tree topper:  This angel was handmade and given to us as a wedding present and she has topped our tree every year — all 28 of them.

A special ornament from a trip…

I bought a handful of nutcrackers and spray painted them.  I found them at Michael’s for a $1!  I pulled the hair off, painted and then reglued the hair.  I think they turned out cute. 

I will probably add a few more ornaments but for now, O Tannenbaum is looking lovely.  

I’ve been busy wrapping packages the last few days.  I have sneaky prying eyes coming for Christmas soon so this elf had to get busy!  Don’t you think packages have a way of making a tree look fuller??

If you’d like to see more of my trees through the years, just click here to see the post I wrote last Christmas.
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” My son, preserve sound judgment and discernment, do not let them out of your sight;
 they will be life for you, an ornament to grace your neck.”  
Proverbs 3:21,22  NIV Bible

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