Day 24 of 31 Days of Books off my Shelf

Day 24
When my son was in middle school, we discovered this book together and thoroughly enjoyed it.  The story was originally written for the children at the Liverpool Royal School for the Blind.

Brian Jacques

Redwall  Abbey is a place of peace and charity but an evil one eyed rat named Cluny the Scourge and his followers have decided to attack since the monastery refuses to surrender.  Matthias, a mouse and novice in training believes, along with the “good” woodland animals, that in order to fend off Cluny and save the Abbey, the sword of Martin the Warrior must be found.   They locate a clue to the sword’s whereabouts beneath the Great Hall tapestry.

Who says that I am dead
Knows nought at all.
I – am that is,
Two mice within Redwall.
The Warrior sleeps
‘Twixt Hall and Cavern Hole.
I – am that is,
Take on my mighty role.
Look for the sword
In moonlight streaming forth,
At night when day’s first hour
Reflects the North.
From o’er the threshold
Seek and you will see;
I – am that is,
My sword will wield for me.”
Matthias and his friends set out on the quest to save their Abbey and take the reader on a wonderful adventure.  Since the book was written for blind children, Mr. Jacques paid close attention to his descriptions to help the children “see” the story in their minds.  The descriptions of the feasts, in particular, made my mouth salivate : )
“In our imaginations we can go anywhere. Travel with 
me to Redwall in Mossflower country.” Brian Jacques

Happy Reading!
“The eyes of the LORD are everywhere, keeping watch on the wicked and the good.”  
Proverbs 15:3  NIV Bible

2 thoughts on “Day 24 of 31 Days of Books off my Shelf

  1. I love this series! I've only read the first one, but recommended them many times to students and parents…and they have loved them! Never knew it was written for a school for the blind. That makes it so much neater…

  2. Hey Katie!I've read the first three but my son devoured them all and still reads the new ones when they come out and he's 24! Oh, the power of a good story… I didn't know about about the school for the blind either until I started putting the post together. I thought it made it cooler too. : )

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