Day 22 of 31 Days of Books off my Shelf

Day 22
I’m only featuring the first book of this series but I’d recommend all of them.  A sweet story of small town life full of endearing characters that I wanted as my neighbors after reading this charming tale.

At Home in Mitford 
 Jan Karon
In the quaint town of Mitford, North Carolina, Father Tim serves as the rector for the local Episcopal church.   As a bachelor, he had a routine to his day and then an attractive new neighbor moves in, a lovable stray boy comes into his life and he adopts a horse of a dog who obeys when scripture verses are recited.

“”Mitford,”observed a travel feature by a prominent newspaper,”is a village delightfully out of step with contemporary America.  Here, where streets are named for flowers, and villagers can seek the shade of a dozen fragrant rose arbors, spring finds most of the citizenry, including merchants, making gardens””

If you prefer  books that have characters with gritty flaws — this book is not for you.  But, if you are looking for a heart warming, curl up with a good book type story then this book is the one for you. 
I’ve included a link to Father Tim’s favorite dessert.  
Happy Reading!
“Blessed be the LORD, who daily loads us with benefits, ” 
Psalm 68:19 American King James Version Bible

6 thoughts on “Day 22 of 31 Days of Books off my Shelf

  1. Speaking of living near the setting (your comment on The Help the other day!)…"Mitford" is Blowing Rock – so close to us and one of our VERY favorite places in the world! But, I haven't read the series yet – isn't that terrible! It is on my list, though. 🙂

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