An Unwelcome Guest


I had, originally, planned to write about the hardscape projects we’ve been doing in our yard this spring.

However, on Friday, April 15th, we had an unwelcome guest come to town.

The sky grew very dark that morning; the sirens sounded and a tornado paid us a visit.
The tornado made it’s path across our city snapping huge oak trees, rolling and twisting cars into balls and ripping off roofs.
Miraculously, it’s path wove around a day care and an elementary school leaving them untouched.

I was at the salon that morning having my hair done while the tornado was
less than a block away destroying homes and businesses.

Loss of power, rain and a tornado will not stop my stylist from her ability to do good hair!!

When I got home, this scene greeted me at the top of my street…

According to my mailman, as he was putting mail into a box, he noticed
the telephone pole begin to shake and then he saw the power lines come down
and the tornado make it’s appearance as it cut across my neighbors’ backyards and my side yard.

(This one is actually “cleaned up” –after the first crew came through)
The other side of my house looking across my driveway — 3 trees down

The tornado made a mess of the trees — big old oaks literally toppled or snapped in half but our homes were left relatively unscathed.

As I look through these pictures, I’m grateful for God’s blessing of protection.

I’m grateful for the response of our city workers who worked quickly to clean up the mass amounts of debris and restore power.

I’m blessed and humbled by family and friends who called and offered help, water, and
a generator to make life a little easier without power.

An unwelcome guest came but gratefulness and blessing remain.


“The voice of the LORD twists the oaks and strips the forests bare. And in his temple all cry, “Glory!”  The LORD gives strength to his people; the LORD blesses his people with peace.” 
Psalm 29:9,11The Holy Bible

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