Backyard Spruce Up


Things are really cranking up at my house getting ready for our next wedding.  Doodlebug gets married in 6 weeks and the weekends for doing projects are flying by fast!  (swoosh!!!!)

The outside has been getting a little sprucing up.  Honey Do has really worked hard!  The first project he tackled this year was the fence around the pool.

 Fixing the pool house area was next.  Honey Do had begun a retaining wall next to the pool house several years ago.  Weeds began sprouting up between the retaining wall and pool house and just looked awful. We decided to put down gravel.
(I love how I said we …. Reality is he, as in one person, Honey Do,  put in the gravel!)
Honey Do is finishing up tamping down the gravel.  First, he leveled the dirt, added some sand and  plastic and then, the gravel.
I think he did a GREAT JOB!! (But, are you noticing how awful that house looks?!)
View from out my back door earlier this spring…. YUCK!
Hallelujah!  A fresh coat of paint on the pool house and surprise!  A trellis has been put in.  Still working on the retaining wall and the landscape but its starting to take shape.
Front view of my new and improved pool house with planters!  (What doesn’t show is the not so glamorous parts; Honey Do also re-plumbed the pool house and replaced the filter for the pool.)
My big contribution was picking out the paint colors.
I  think its looking so good!  I can’t wait to show you more!


Meg, our 14 year old Border Collie, is a huge help.  Her specialty is supervision.  
She likes to keep her eyes on each of us and keep us all herded together!
 “I am the good shepherd; I know my sheep and my sheep know me”  John 10:14  Life Application Bible