Catching Up


I’m catching up today.  Honey Do took a few days off from work.  We saw a few new movies: The Lone Ranger, Man of Steel and White House Down.  I think the main point of all three movies was how many bullets can be dispensed in two hours and how many things can be destroyed.  As far as a recommendation — we were a little disappointed in Lone Ranger (and surprised by some elements in the movie since it’s a Disney film), we felt Man of Steel was strong at the beginning but weak at the end and the daughter character in White House Down was gutsy.  Overall, all three did their job entertaining us.

I, also, kept Honey Do busy with a few projects around the house and yard.   The renovation in the living room is coming along. He began priming the wall this weekend.  The room is really looking different without the fireplace there.  If you’d like to see where it all began, click here.

  I wish the picture was a little brighter but lighting was a little dim that day.  Raining.
Honey Do also worked up in the attic which, bless his heart, was hot as blue blazes.  We’re having our roof replaced and he had to uninstall some attic vents in preparation for the roofers.  We’re having a different kind installed.
While he was up in the attic, Honey Do got a BIG surprise.  He looked across from where he was working and saw this…
That’s right!  A five foot snake skin!  He inspected the head and informed me it was a good snake –probably a rat snake but still…. I WAS PRETTY FREAKED OUT!   He spent the rest of the day making sure all entrances and exits to the house and roof were sealed and no snakes present.  
Oh, the joys of living in the woods… 
What’s going on at your house?
“Do good, O LORD, to those who are good, to those who are upright in heart.”  
Psalm 125:4  NIV Bible

The Living Room Project


I teased you last week with pictures of what my Honey Do is busy doing in my living room.  If you missed the tease, you can find it here.

We moved in this house about 15 years ago.  We did some small redecorating projects like painting and removing layers of wallpaper in this room but saved the big renovation project for another day.  Well, another day is finally here!

Honey Do thinks the house was built in 1978.  We don’t have a separate living room and den.  We have one large living space.  The room has a vaulted ceiling with rough hewn beams and a large faux rock fireplace wall.   I liked the rock, at first, until I had to try and decorate around it.  Seriously, what do you do with those decorative niches?!  I think the bottom one was used for wood except we have a gas fireplace and the top one had mirror which I painted out because it reflected the back of the niche which was raw sheetrock — not pretty. 

Move in day: 1997

The demolition is almost finished and the drywall is about to go up.  The space, on the far right of the picture where Honey Do is shining a flashlight, still has to come out. 

Here’s the plan:

We’re removing the fireplace from the wall on the right that shares the foyer entrance.  I want to relocate the fireplace and put in bookcases on the vaulted ceiling wall.  I think the flow of the room will greatly improve by moving it to this wall.  I also want to get rid of the carpet. 
I wish renovation was quicker but Honey Do is doing his part and I’m trying to do mine.  I have tons of sewing in my future. I want to make slipcovers for my furniture and I can’t wait to show you the awesome fabric I’ve found for curtains!
…Build up, build up, prepare the road! Remove the obstacles out of the way of my people.” 
 Isaiah 57:14  NIV Bible