Hatching a Dream


Several weeks ago, a Carolina wren and I struggled over territorial rights to a hanging basket near my back door.  Not the safest of locations for her to consider as a nesting site since the area is heavily trafficked and our cat loves to perch in the windowsill nearby but that mama bird was determined and even possibly, desperate.

She busied herself daily making a nest.  She kept coming back day after day, oftentimes twice in a day, to build doggedly and establish a ‘home’ for her babies.  Her urge to nest must’ve weighed upon her heavily.

Then, one morning, I awoke and found she had laid a single egg and a day later, another joined the first.

eggs in nest

The wren had a purpose, a desire that couldn’t be suppressed.  Ideas are like that sometimes.  A dream, a wish comes into our hearts longing to be hatched into fruition.  We begin to lay the support twigs and the padding as we build that dream into a reality.  Occasionally, we encounter difficulties along the way but with perseverance, courage and commitment that whim of fancy turns into a reality.

baby birds

At times, we want to skip over some of the slower steps like incubating the dream.  We long for action.  But a dream, a wish, a hope takes time to grow, mold, and gel into a tangible entity that can be shared.  Once birthed into existence, that hope, that wish, that figment longs to be filled with the food of dedication, perseverance, enthusiasm and passion.

The real fun begins as we grow and learn new skills and we hunger for more.  We chirp out for everyone to join our team.  We long to have our voices heard and those that have their ears attuned to our particular frequency will hear our chirps, our songs, and like the mama bird will come and join us in the nest.

baby birds 2

We perch on the edge of our nest, looking outward towards the fulfillment of all that we have dreamt and then… the dream takes flight.

bird nest

Have you nested and hatched a dream recently ? Sing it loud and sing it proud!  Be heard.



“Because you are my help, I sing in the shadow of your wings.”  Psalm 63:7 NIV Bible

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