Good Things: For Readers


I thought I’d share a little link love for weekend reading.

101 BooksMy two year old judges books by their covers

I smiled my way through this post.

31 Days of More Great Nonfiction Books | 31 Days of Great Nonfiction Reads

31 days of Great NonFiction The Deliberate Reader

I’ve been a follower of Sheila at The Deliberate Reader for a couple of years.  She gives excellent reviews on all types of books.

Most Famous Book Set in Every State from Business Insider

Andrea Reads America

Andrea’s site is a recent discovery.  She has taken on the arduous quest of reading her way around the good ole USA.  Having attempted a similar feat myself once, I’m having fun riding shotgun this time.


A month of reading synopsis

I loved this unique take on sharing your reading choices for the month.  I might have to attempt it.

Mad Hatter Reading Room

What’s not to love about a reading room designed Mad Hatter style?!   Bonus: the adjoining daughter’s room is designed to match the theme.

The Smell of Books

If you can’t get enough of the smell of books, you can always wear it.



“‘Do you understand what you are reading?’ Philip asked.”  Acts 8:30b  NIV Bible

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