The Difference a Door Makes

The Difference a Door Makes

Fingers crossed — I hope my computer problem is solved.  I promise the glitch was not an attempt to get out of posting the progress in my office.  Honest! Cross my heart!

Last week, I sorted through piles of magazines.  I lost count somewhere around 100.  I think I might have been personally responsible for keeping Hearst and Southern Living Publications in business.  This week, I’ve moved to my files and progress is slow as a snail.  However, I do have an update for you from last week.

Visual clutter was one of the problems that I’ve had with my room.  Honey Do took care of that problem last week by hanging the cabinet doors that have been waiting patiently in the garage.
See, the difference a door makes — One side on and one side waiting.

Honey Do also rehung the closet door.  I don’t remember why it came off in the first place.  My guess would be that we were probably painting the room and the door needed painting, too and never made it back up.  I can’t believe I lived with it off for so long.

Ah, the calming view of less chaos, I highly recommend it.



“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.”
  Matthew 7:7 NIV Bible

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