The Room No One Should See

The Room No One Should See
I would really love to start this post with a disclaimer and some witty remarks but I’m fresh out of excuses.  And now as I’m writing, I’m starting to feel a little antsy about going through with this post because I would really like people to think I have it all together.  The answer is I really don’t and I don’t by a long shot.

My office is a room no one should ever see and unfortunately, the family computer is in there and people go back there and I’m ashamed and feel the need to explain why the room looks the way it does and say I’m sorry for it before they walk into it.  I like clean spaces and frankly, the clutter makes me crazy and I can’t think and I can’t be creative and I get frustrated and just want to pull my hair out.  Anybody else feel this way about a room in their home??

This year, the time has come to get my stuff together.  So here goes, with much trepidation… Drum roll, please  ……….. Tah  Dah!

Shockingly awful, isn’t it?!
I’d like to say the room doesn’t look this way all the time but the truth is, the room is cleaned up!  I took this picture after I had cleaned up a little because Honey Do and I moved the furniture around. 
My job for this weekend (or the next millienium) is to make some serious headway.  I’m planning to clean, organize, purge and fix up this sad, creativity-sucking space.   I want a place to think, a place to write and finish my book for publishing, a place to do craft projects and so much more.

I have big plans for decorating in here.  But first, I’m going to have to tackle the HUGE pile of pictures and memorabilia that need to be sorted and put into albums.  This job is the one that I have procrastinated the most because the pile is overwhelming and has stifled the creative juices out of me but I have a plan.

My plan for success is YOU!  I’m hoping you, my wonderful readers and friends, will hold me accountable to achieving this task.  I plan to keep you updated and I will give a report next week so I HAVE NO EXCUSE and a deadline, always a good combination.

Will you help me?
And while we’re on the subject… what about you, do you have any dirty little secret rooms that need help?  I won’t feel so lonely if you’ll join me in getting our stuff together.  What do you say???



 “She sets about her work vigorously; her arms are strong for her tasks.” 
Proverbs 31:17  NIV Bible


4 thoughts on “The Room No One Should See

  1. You know what I did when I got really buried under my stuff, and had all these scrapbooks and things I wanted to do? I literally cleared off one smallish surface and just started doing the projects! Seriously, I was so frustrated every time I went in because I couldn't do the things I really wanted to do because of the mess, but the mess WAS the things I wanted to do. I went on one "bender" where I used all my free time for a month just scrapbooking. I knew it was the only way I'd get anything done, and I used so many of the materials, doing little projects as I went, that what was left was the stuff I really didn't want anyway. Well, it's one approach. Best of luck to you!

  2. Oh Mimi – I can totally relate! I'm one of those who thinks it's better if you can just see it all…why have to look for things in drawers? Except that the kitchen has to be spotless at all times or I can't even go to sleep. Way to tackle your office – you can do it! We actually just tackled our extra bedroom, so I promise that it's worth it…and less work than you think, once you get on a roll. 🙂 You can do it!

  3. Thanks Katie for the encouragement! I keep telling myself I can get through it and the end is in sight. I'm just like you — I finally learned that I need to see it to know its there so I've gotten rid of the closed storage or containers I can't see into and bought clear ones. I think that will help with some of the problem.

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