The Art of the Handwritten Note

What to do??
For a couple of days now, we’ve had rain.  My boots have been a permanent fixture by the back door because every time I go out I need to wear them.  My yard is soooooo saturated.  We’ve already had 5.5 inches and the forecast is more to come.   Last night, Honey do dumped the pool because the water was topping the edge.   I’m not a fan of the cold, dreary grayness of winter rain — makes me feel depressed and bored.
So, what to do?  Other than take a nap and read a book which I’ve already done, I think I need to write thank you notes.  I’m a little late in sending them but I think everyone appreciates a nice REAL letter no matter when it arrives.  I think my procrastination started because I never knew what to write or what to say.  Then, I found this book many years ago.
The Art of the Handwritten Note 
This small concise book covers all your needs: thank yous, apologies, death, congratulations.  Ms. Shepherd also gives a basic recipe for writing any note, sample phrasings, ways to improve your handwriting and tips about ink and paper.  In addition, she gives nine reasons why we should write by hand. One of the most meaningful reasons is that a handwritten note endures and can be held and read over and over again.  
“Writing is the best way to put into words what is in your mind and your heart.”
Do you remember the joy you felt the first time a letter or card came in the mailbox addressed just to you?   Reclaim that joy for yourself and others!
Now, if I can only get past the procrastination….
You yourselves are our letter, written on our hearts, known and read by everybody.” 
 2 Corinthians 3:2  NIV Bible

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