Day 16 of 31 Days of Books off my Shelf

Day 16
Byzantium contains all the good stuff: adventure, intrigue, romance, mystery and more.
I couldn’t put this big book down for 3 days and the action doesn’t stop until you reach the very last page!   
Stephen Lawhead

Aidan, an Irish monk, has been working on a beautiful hand painted manuscript, the Book of Kells, for the Emperor of Christendom.  He, accompanied by other monks, sets out from Ireland on a quest to present this extraordinary gift to him in Byzantium.  Aidan encounters people far different from himself  as he travels across many lands.

“once my memories had pulsed with the blood-heat of life. In desperation, I forced myself to recall that once, I had walked with kings and conversed in languages never heard in this land. Once I had stood at the prow of a Sea Wolf ship and sailed oceans unknown to seamen here. I had ridden horses through desert lands, and dined on exotic foods in Arab tents…I had been a slave, a spy, a sailor. Advisor and confidant of lords,”

The journey also becomes a personal one for Aidan as he struggles with his faith and searches into places of his own heart towards self-discovery, forgiveness and redemption.

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Happy Reading!


“The priest answered them,  “Go in peace.  Your journey has the LORD’s approval.”” 
Judges 18:6  NIV Bible

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