Choosing Paint for the Kitchen
Everyone has their little quirks.  One of mine is that I can match a color from memory exactly. I don’t have to take my fabric swatches or clothes to the store with me to match them.  (With that said, I’m starting to panic now that someone is going to test me….)   I’ve usually been pretty good at choosing paint color too from those ridiculously small sample chips. 

Which brings me to my kitchen …. The color had me stumped.  I knew what I wanted but I was having a hard time getting it right.  A couple of things were throwing the color off.  My flooring is a red toned wood and I think the other  was lighting.  I have 3 different light sources in my kitchen: incandescent, halogen, and natural sunlight.  

The original color of my kitchen was this color……a nice go-with-everything color but I was tired of it.
Porter Paint’s Muted Yellow
The first color we attempted was Behr’s Light French Gray. Honey Do was so confident in my abilities of being spot on with paint that he bought a gallon!   Well, he started painting the wall and after a foot of paint, I hollered stop!  The color was all wrong.  It was Blue.  I had a blue wall.  Why did they name it French Gray????  No gray to be found. 
Light French Gray
Next, we tried a Behr paint mixed as a Martha Stewart color called Dolphin.  This time, Honey Do bought a quart.  ( I think his confidence in me was waning….. I can’t blame him.)  Aaargh!  A lovely shade of baby blue.  
Martha Stewart Dolphin
Third time, however, was the charm!  Funny thing is, I had initially picked out Behr’s Pensive Sky but passed on it because I was afraid it would come out too green.  I love this color.  I pick it up every time I go into Home Depot.  I should’ve trusted my instincts.  the color is PERFECT!  
Behr Pensive Sky
I can’t wait to see my finished kitchen!!!   
And, I can’t wait for you to see it either!!  
 I, also, need to start decorating for Christmas!  How about you??



“Like the appearance of a rainbow in the clouds on a rainy day, so was the radiance around him.  This was the appearance of the likeness of the glory of the LORD…”
   Ezekiel 1:28  The Holy Bible

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  1. Girl, you are too much. You never stop. Maybe you hurt because………….Love the color and glad you could settle on it. I go more intense with my colors. Not dark but intense. There is a difference. I am decorated for Christmas, going to get gifts together next and wrap, then sit back enjoy cooking and dinner parties. We are going camping 2 days after Christmas to Georgia and spend time with my daughter Lisa and kids. Love you Mimi, you are such an inspiration. Mel

  2. I would have chosen that one just because of the name! haha In fact, I think I have looked at that one before. Look forward to seeing it on the walls…

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