31 Drawers of Change

Back to the kitchen today!  I was hoping to have all of the kitchen drawers painted before I posted the pictures but life intervened and we haven’t had as much time to paint the last week or so.  
Every time, I open this particular drawer, I think of Christmas.  I think its because I keep cookie cutters in it.  I also have all of those strange kitchen tools that you need like pastry tips, candy thermometer, funnel, cheesecloth, mint mold, Sterno, parafin and the list goes on.
I cleaned and sorted but I think the drawer looks fuller than before!
Organization is the key! 
Have you been inspired to tackle some of your drawers?
I’m glad I’ve tackled mine!  Just take them a drawer at a time. 
“Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might… ” 
 Ecclesiastes 9:10a  The Holy Bible

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