31 Drawers of Change

Ziplocs are a great invention! 
I can quickly think of 10 different ways I have used them.   How about you? 
 I’ve used them for food storage, packing, grouping small items together for a garage sale, to keep leak prone products away from clothing when stored, to protect cell phone and wallet when in a boat, to use as a makeshift pastry tool,  to marinate meat, as an ice pack, a wallet, and to carry sand home from the beach. 
Did you know that a Japanese company invented the idea of a minigrip-type plastic zipper bag and sold the manufacturing rights to an American company called Flexigrip in 1961?  Flexigrip,  later negotiated with Dow Chemical Company who named their product, Ziploc, which began selling in 1968. ( I didn’t know until I looked it up on Wikipedia! )
These plastic zippered bags may come in different brands but I’ll forever call them a “ziploc.” 
“But will God really dwell on earth?  The heavens, even the highest heaven, cannot contain you…”   
1 Kings 8:27   The Holy Bible

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