The Windy City

Chicago was a whirlwind trip of sightseeing, shopping and fun!
I’m sharing a little of my perspective of the city…
A view of the building that chewing gum built and the Mastercard Mile or aka the Wrigley building and the Magnificent Mile!

While I do take the standard tourist photos…

I kinda like to take shots of things that make me smile.

Statuesque Marilyn is nice…

but don’t you love the people looking up her skirt?!!

Lovely shots of the Wrigley building and the Tribune building….
Look at what was supporting one of the cantilevers….
a gargoyle with his fingers up his nose!!!

No trip to Chicago would be complete without a walk

down to the waterfront of Lake Michigan.

Can you find us reflected in The Bean at Millennium Park ???

Hint: I’m in a pink shirt and Honey do is in a dark shirt.
Lots of steel bascule bridges and operator houses….
I love the aqua color of this one!!

Looking up as you go under, though, you get a great industrial view!
And reflections of buildings in a building ……….Cool!

The only problem with a trip though…..

Tempus fugit!!!
What about you?  Does time fly by too quickly on a trip?
Where have you been recently? I would love to hear about it!!!!!



“For he was looking forward to the city with foundations, whose architect and builder is God.”
Hebrews 11:10 The Holy Bible

3 thoughts on “The Windy City

  1. You are quite the photographer! I like the aqua building too but the gargoyle is by far my favorite! ;)I did notice on our last trip to Sandestin that the beginning was slow and relaxed. From the mid point on though, it flew by!

  2. Bill — We ate at a couple of really good restaurants, some not so good and the rest was from the deli at a corner grocery store which was really good! We ate at Frontera Grill. It was super!!!Thanks Robyn!! It says something about our shared humor that the gargoyle was great!!!!

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