Wisdom From The Animals: Day 31


Wisdom From The Animals: Day 31

Today is the last day in the #write31days writing challenge. I hope you’ve enjoyed this series. All month long, I’ve shared animal facts and biblical lessons that can be learned from each of these animals.The bird, above, is a hornbill and I thought this bird was perfect for Halloween. If you’d like to read the posts from the beginning, you can find them here.

“reject every kind of evil.” 1 Thessalonians 5:22

Throughout scripture, God instructs us to turn from evil. He commands that we leave evil attitudes, behaviors, and actions behind us and embrace those that honor and praise Him. We are to embrace and incorporate attitudes, behaviors, and actions of righteousness. While celebrating this spooky holiday and enjoying all the fun of dressing up and eating copious amounts of candy, remember that God loves you.

Happy Halloween!

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4 thoughts on “Wisdom From The Animals: Day 31

  1. Love your wise insight! You are most definitely a “finisher” in all you do…and an amazingly good one at that! Thank you. We will miss you Monday but know you are having a wonderful time!

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