New Addition to the Family


One of the joys of springtime for me is observing newly born animals.  I love how gleefully they play and their abundant curiosity.  I love seeing the tender care of a mother and the nuzzling babe at her side.  I, also, love how a puppy will greet you with their whole body.  Every fiber of their being wiggles and shakes as they burst with the excitement of seeing you.

A few weeks ago, my son added a new member to his family.  I, officially, have a granddog.  I’ve been keeping her a little over the past few weeks while her parents are working.  I’m following “the book” for good puppy development and trying to be a good grandmother by obeying my son’s instructions.  However, a granddog is meant to be spoiled.

Meet London.


A Rough Collie breed {like Lassie}, this ball of fluff will grow to be about 65 pounds.  She is around 11 weeks old now and eating and eating and eating and …

London 2

We began working on command words last week: Sit, Stay, Come, Kennel and the most important — NO!

London 1Snuggle time comes after a hard day of carrying sticks, fetching balls, and running through the flower beds.

London 3London is a bundle of energy and enthusiasm.  She greets each new discovery with joy and excitement.  Learning = play = fun.   Viewpoints perfect for a spring day.



“Yes ,Lord” she said, ‘but even the dogs eat the crumbs that fall from their masters’ table.  Then Jesus answered, ‘Woman, you have great faith! Your request is granted.'”  Matthew 15:27,28 NIV Bible

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