Rabbit chasing

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31 Day Button 2013.001Day Three

I spent a year living outside of Washington D.C. when I was in high school.  Technically speaking, that area of the country is considered the South but it is so far removed from what I would consider southern.  These supposed Southerners were asking me, a fellow Southerner, if I went barefoot all the time and had chickens.  The math teacher also had me work problems out loud on the board that contained the numbers 5 and 9 just so he could hear my accent.  Oh, the tragedy at 14 years old!   He did it because he liked me, I think.  But, that kind of teasing would probably be considered bullying in this day and age.

Misconceptions and stereotypes exist all over this nation but most only carry a kernel of truth.  Doodlebug and I attempt to  talk about these misconceptions and then, we started rabbit chasing to fashion.  The video ended up being more about what Southern women wear than misconceptions about us.  I hope you enjoy it!

What do you wear where you live?  Do you rock the capris and flip flops, too?



“for all of you who were baptized into Christ have clothed yourselves with Christ.”  Galatians 3:27  NIV Bible

6 thoughts on “Rabbit chasing

  1. Funny. We are chicken babysitters when our neighbors go out of town. Messy little things, and believe me, no sane person would ever be barefoot around chickens! I do love the capris.
    I love watching these to start my day, thanks for sharing.

  2. When you said you were chasing rabbits, that was an understatement.
    However, I do agree that flip flops can go with anything. They are my favorite shoe.
    I wear cotton, lots of cotton. Growing up in New Orleans taught me that cotton, linen, and silk are our friends.

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